Is it safe to visit Venezuela? 2024 Update


Venezuela has endured years due political and economic instability. Yet it remains an attractive tourist destination for many people looking to explore the rich culture, lush nature and dreamy beaches. But is it safe to travel to Venezuela?

As of 2024, security has improved compared to just a few years ago. Most travellers can visit without experiencing any major security problems. Tourists should take precautions, stay alert and avoid some areas. Here are some tips on staying safe if you visit Venezuela.

Staying Safe in Venezuela

Security in Venezuela has been a concern in recent years due to the high crime rate and social and political instability. However, this does not mean that Venezuela is constantly dangerous or off-limits to visitors. As of 2024, the situation has stabilized and general safety has improved. Most people visiting Venezuela do not experience any danger, as long as they take some basic precautionary measures.

Many Venezuelans believe the country is safer today than a decade ago. While reliable statistics are unavailable, a survey by Cinco8 in late 2023 found 56.3% of respondents said Venezuela was more secure today than in 2013, while only 4.5% said it was less secure, and 31% said security depended on where you live.

Just like many South American countries, Venezuela has areas that are safe, and areas which should be avoided. It’s best to stay out of districts such as slums and visibly deteriorated areas. If you are unsure if an area is safe you should ask locals, such as staff at a restaurant or hotel. Venezuelans want you to enjoy their country and will try to help you stay safe.
You should always be aware of your personal belongings at all times, especially in crowded places such as markets and public transportation stations. Carry only the essentials and leave valuables in a safe place. Take only the necessary amount of money with you, and leave backup cash and a credit card. Avoid prolonged use of cell phones on the streets, especially where there are motorcycles.
Avoid uncrowded areas especially at night. It’s best to get around using a taxi app, such as Ridery or Yummy, which you should download and activate when you arrive. Keep your passport in a safe place. You should get a laminated copy of your passport to carry with you.

The best way to stay safe is to travel with a tour group or experienced tour guide. There are many guides and agencies organizing group tours to most of Venezuela’s best destinations. This can be a great way to see Venezuela’s highlights, meet locals and avoid problems. There are group tours for all budgets, and it can often be more affordable than travelling alone.

We recommend getting a local SIM card as soon as you are in Venezuelan territory to notify your family and friends of your status. It will also help you to use online maps and apps such as taxi services. You can buy a SIM card by presenting your passport at one of the many mobile phone service shops.

Mobility and transportation

If you land at Caracas Maiquetia International Airport, the main gateway to Venezuela, it is advisable to arrange transportation in advance. As of 2024, it costs between $25 and $50 to reach the city center. You can ask your first hotel or accommodation provider to arrange a pick-up. Salvavidas Apartment Hostel in Caracas  offers a private car airport pick-up for $25.

There is also a safe bus service which leaves from in front of the domestic airport and travels to the Caracas city center, with a terminal near Parque Central. This currently costs $5. From there you can order a taxi to your accommodation.

If you use public transportation in Venezuela, avoid flaunting any valuables such as cell phones, jewellery or cameras. Keep your bag in front of you and avoid having valuables in your pockets.
If driving on interstate highways, it is recommended to avoid travelling at night through remote areas. You will often drive through police checkpoints, where you will be asked to show your passport, and may have your vehicle checked.
In Venezuela, it is unusual for major natural events such as earthquakes and hurricanes to occur. However, in recent seasons there have been heavy rains that cause floods and landslides that may cause road interruptions. You should be prepared for delays and changes to your travel schedule.
In summary, is it safe to travel to Venezuela? As in any other country, there are potential risks to be considered, but with some basic precautionary measures, foreign tourists can enjoy a safe and pleasant trip to this South American country.
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Joel Dullroy

Joel is a journalist and videographer who has visited Venezuela frequently since 2022.