The Morrocoy Marine National Park is one of the most popular beach destinations for Venezuelans, with its dozens of cayos or islands with white sand, palm trees, clear water and perfect weather.

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Boats take visitors for day trips to the islands, where they can rent a shaded chair, play water sports, and gaze out at the sparkling seas. Morrocoy is less famous than Los Roques, but far more affordable, with cheap all-inclusive day trips from Caracas making it very accessible.
Cayo Sombrero is the most famous of the many islands, along with Cayo Sal and Cayo Varadero. Swimmers wade in the shallow waters of Los Juanes, also known as la piscina natural (natural pool). For an extended stay, the nearby towns of Tucacas and Chichiriviche have posadas and hotels at various prices and quality.
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